A Christchurch residents association since 1944

Christchurch Citizens' Association (CCA)

Christchurch Citizens' Association (CCA)

A Christchurch residents association since 1944

Meeting Dates

Generally, the CCA meet on the first Monday of each month at the Druitt Hall, Christchurch at 7.30 pm, except in January, July and August.

We look forward to seeing as many of our members and the general public who would like to come along and catch up on what has been happening in our Borough.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions of your local Christchurch Councillors.

The CCA is open to members and non-members of the public, although non-members are not able to vote.

If you have any issues you would like to raise, then please come along to our next meeting and we will be happy to discuss them.

The monthly meetings are usually attended by some of our Christchurch Councillors

About Us

The CCA is a Christchurch residents association for the town of Christchurch in Dorset.

The CCA was formed in 1944 by the residents of Christchurch, for local residents and businesses. Throughout this time the CCA has been at the forefront of many campaigns.

When it began, it was the only residents association in Christchurch, but as the borough grew and the population increased, other residents associations were formed, representing other parts of the borough. However, we remain for the benefit of all residents and businesses throughout the Christchurch area.

The CCA has always been and will continue to remain non-political. We are here for the residents to air their views on large and small matters.

We have a working relationship with Christchurch Town Council who appreciate our input.

The CCA is led by the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Committee who meet regularly to discuss and take forward residents views and matters concerning the borough.


Membership costs just £2 per household annually. If you are interested in joining, then please use the contact form, or speak to one of our committee members at our next meeting, where you are assured of a warm welcome. 

CCA - Committee Members

We are always interested to hear from members of the CCA who may wish to serve on the committee as there is always much to do. If you are interested please let one of the committee members know. Thanks! 

Public Information Meeting

Dear Members

attach a leaflet giving you all the necessary details regarding the public meeting regarding Town and Parish Councillors.

This is a non-political meeting. Politics do not come into being a Parish or Town Councillor, it is all about supporting the local community.

You can come to hear what is involved, even if you don’t think the role of a Town or Parish Councillor is for you, you may feel differently once you hear more.

Existing Parish Councillors and representatives from the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councillors will be on hand for a Q&A session, they will explain how it all works and how you can support your local community and Christchurch.

Avril Coulton

News and Information

Join our group on Facebook to get involved and keep up to date.

Useful links

Town Council and BCP Borough Councillors





Dorset Police

Meet your local Police officers

If someone rings 101 and wants to speak to a specific Police Officer they should quote the Police Officer’s collar number.

The new Police Office is at the Fire Station on Fairmile Road.  There is no drop in office or telephone outside the building but if someone needs to contact the Police either ring 101 or if an emergency then dial 999, the response time will be the same as before.

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Police cover the area from Bargates Railway Bridge to 2 Riversmeet. 

PC Matt Leeding (2243)

PC SO Dave Carmichael (5532)

Dorset Police - How can we help?

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