Planning Application for Avon Beach Café/Noisy Lobster

Please be aware that the tenants of the Avon Beach Café/Noisy Lobster have made another application as follows and Christchurch Borough Council (CBC) must receive comments/objections by 22nd November 2017:

Application Number: 8/17/3034/FUL

Location: Avon Beach Café, Mudeford, Christchurch, BH23 4AN

Proposal: Construct first floor extension along with internal alterations to ground and first floors

Friars Cliff, Stanpit and Mudeford Residents Action Group work on behalf of residents, and visitors in partnership with community interests including local Residents’ Associations. The Action Group hope you will make the strongest representation to the Council against the continued overdevelopment of this beachside café in the unique area of Avon Beach and request them to refuse this further Planning Application. Please submit observations and objections by using the online form under ‘comments’ tab of CBC Planning website or by emailing or by writing to: Jo Cleaves, Planning Officer, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Christchurch, BH23 1AZ.

This application is for a new extension to the western end of the mansard roof and using the existing flat to provide additional restaurant seating/function room premises on the first floor above the cliffs, which would lose their noise attenuating affect. This would result in nearly 40 new covers and catering facilities for large parties and private functions. Members of CBC, in accordance with their Officers’ recommendations, strongly refused the previous application on proven grounds that an extension/alteration is contrary to local policies and government advice. The Appeal Inspector upheld this refusal. We suggest that the reasons for objecting to this new application are:

  1. More intensification and expansion in this beautiful coastal area detracting and not being subservient to this unique area. This further overdevelopment is against Policy ENV9 as the proposal is not designed to respect the scale and character of neighbouring buildings and landscape features in the coastal zone.
  2. The proposed extension/alterations are against HE3 as it does not take into account tranquility of this small beautiful seaside location and the need to protect against intrusion from pollution, noise and motion.
  3. Adversely affecting the character, appearance and amenities of this unique locality in a conservation area. This proposal is against Policy HE2 as the development is not compatible with and does not improve the surroundings and has contrary relationship to nearby properties including general disturbance to the amenity.
  4. More gross intensification of commercial use and level of noise putting even greater intensity of use in this tranquil area further undermining the peace and special amenities. The proposed over-development contravenes Policy PC6 as the extension and alterations do not protect and enhance the unique features of Christchurch and are not appropriate.
  5. Change of use and expansion in the premises to enable larger functions, events and private parties having a real detrimental impact on the tranquility of this conservation area. The extension and alterations are contrary to the aims of Policy ENV3 as it provides over intensification of the site with associated activity. Any small economic benefit is far outweighed by the impact on this conservation area. There have indeed been complaints and much evidence including photographs as to significant levels of noise, disturbance, traffic chaos and safety hazards due to the high usage in this small coastal conservation locality. There could be potentially nearly 40 new covers with the associated extra cars per each event with no provision of extra parking.
  6. Large additional capacity including multi functions bring significant increase in noise nuisance, traffic congestion, pedestrian hazards and waste management issues. The proposal is against BE4 in the Conservation Area by further increasing the level of activity, traffic, parking, waste management, services or noise generated and detracting from the character or appearance. There have been many complaints as to disturbance and issues with photographs of the detrimental effects of current activity.
  7. The increased commercialisation of this cafe has already overreached capacity causing restricted access and use of amenities to residents and the many general visitors to Avon Beach. Continued development is against Paragraph 123 of the NPPF as this is an area of tranquillity, which should not be further disturbed as it is prized for the recreational and amenity value for this reason. We acknowledge changes made but the expanded commercial uses now overreach capacity in the area throughout the year.
  8. This application contravenes Policy BE16 as the extension/alterations do not enhance local distinctiveness or protect our heritage. The proposed three elements of the extension including larger windows on three sides will cause further dominancy.

Misrepresentations in the Supporting Planning Statement have been identified including the submitted case that there is local demand. There are several other premises in the area that are meeting the demand and are saying they will suffer if such business is taken away from them.  The same applies in respect of creating additional staff vacancies as other restaurants offer similar opportunities and have vacancies. CBC has indeed supported the business to expand extensively to such a degree that the Council who is the owner, residents and visitors are all saying ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’. Also Officers and Council Members did take into consideration the inadequacy of the onsite car parking or late night noise and disturbance when they refused previous applications. It is not accepted that the new proposed ‘small extension’ does not add to further dominance of the building and the additional change is viewed as unacceptable when added to the mismatch already created.

The reasons that led to the decision by the Planning Committee to refuse the original application for a first floor extension, and led to the Planning Committee to strongly vote against the second application are set in national and local policies. We therefore urge you, members of your family and other interested parties to object as soon as possible to this new planning application as it breaches environmental and planning guidance. Thank you.

Friars Cliff, Stanpit and Mudeford Residents Action Group

6th November 2017