Extraordinary meeting of the Christchurch Borough Council

Local Government Reorganisation in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch

The purpose of this Extraordinary meeting was to receive the result of the Christchurch Local Poll and to consider making a suitable representation to the Secretary of State (SoS), Sajid Javid. The paper is 63 pages long and you can read it here.

The question on the ballot paper was – Do you support the current proposal for a single Council covering Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole?
Number cast in favour of Yes – 3321 = 15.82%
Number cast in favour of No – 17676 = 84.18%

The attached document is the Recommendations of Amendments to be included in the Representation to SoS.

Cllr David Jones did say that a lot of work needs to be done and it needs to be started now. Six months is a desirable time but will the SoS give us that time?

After questions and debate, a vote was taken by the Cllrs to agree the Amendments.

The following Cllrs Abstained

  • C Bath
  • B Davis
  • T Fox
  • V Hallam
  • L Smith
  • S Spittle

The following Cllrs voted FOR

  • N Geary
  • C Jamieson
  • L Dedman
    D Jones
  • J Abbot
  • Mrs D Jones
  • C Bungey
  • J Lofts
  • D Flagg
  • F Neale
  • P Hall
  • M Phipps
  • P Hilliard

Other Cllrs sent their apologies for their absence.